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Ashihara Karate is considered to be one of the most practical karate systems today. It is a karate system based on Sabaki........ - the combination of defence and offence into one!

This site was first uploaded on 15/08/1997

The following IS an introduction to the Karate organisation led by Hoosain Narker, the Kaicho of Ashihara Karate Kokusai. We are continuously developing this site to give you, the reader, even more insight into this dynamic karate system founded by the late Karate Master, Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara.

Should you have any queries or comments about this ashihara karate web site, please forward it to: karate@ashiharaonline.com or by snail mail:

Hoosain Narker, Ashihara Karate, P. O. Box 117, Retreat, 7965, South Africa. Tel. & Fax.: +27 21 701-1701

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

Dozo Irrishai Mase! - Please, Enter and Enjoy!

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